Our Being



We envision a world where humanity and the planet are safe and thriving.

KnoWEwell’s being is Global Consciousness, Healing and Hope.  A community and marketplace for the “wholistic” ecosystem to inspire and empower individuals to achieve optimal healing, health and well-being. A collaborative initiative for knowledge sharing, learning, innovations in health, healing and well-being. KnoWEwell is one unified source of truth and safe space with respect and benefits for all.

Our mission is to transform healthcare by inspiring and empowering individuals with knowledge, resources and community to proactively prevent harm, address chronic illness and create  WELLthier Living™  for themselves, their family, humanity and our planet.

Together WE inspire and empower a WELLthier Living™ World 

Happy. Healthy. Abundant. Purposed-filled. 

The Meaning of Kno WE well


KnoWEwell is about providing knowledge, learning from the past, combining innate knowing, ancient healing wisdom with new science and technological innovations to bring forward light, love and healing. WE believe  knowledge in the hands of all empowers individuals to make conscious personal, informed optimal health and well-being choices. 

KnoWEwell is about you, me, us, life, the planet. WE are all unique and whole individuals. WE are all connected. WE need each other and the biodiversity of all living species and our planet to thrive and regenerate. 

KnoWEwell is about optimizing health and well-being. Inspiring and empowering a  WELLthier Living™ World.  Happy, Healthy, Abundant, Purposed-filled. 


Certified B Corporation


Why a Certified B Corporation?


KnoWEwell is fundamentally about uniting in the Whole. The Whole Unique individual. The Whole Wholistic Ecosystem. The Whole WE. Rooted in love, I designed KnoWEwell from the ground up as a solution to individual, wholistic health and wellness industry and global health, economic and environmental issues and a wholistic organization with benefits for all stakeholders. 

It is the whole of the Industrial Revolution in which systems and organizations, that may have been started with good intent, were most often built without a lack of consciousness and connection between the impact on ourselves, others and our planet. It is this lack of consciousness, push for instant gratification, that has most often valued profits above people and our planet and has resulted in the global health, economic and environmental crises we have today. As we enter this Digital Revolution, unless we create new systems and organizations, and do it differently taking the time to step back, be present and assess the wholistic impacts and consciously make changes, we are risking the sustainable and regenerative future of humanity, all living species and our planet.

When I began KnoWEwell, and would explain what I was designing, most people were pushing me to start small, write a blog and establish a non-profit, saying my plans were too grand and altruistic. But I was feeling the weight of the world’s crises and an overwhelming sense of urgency and critical necessity to create KnoWEwell as an organization with new wholistic thinking, systems and approaches. I then stubbled across Certified B Corporations. It was a thrilling day to learn I wasn’t the only person thinking this way! With my wholistic KnoWEwell designs, mission and background as a quality assurance auditor, having auditable processes to prove “we walk the talk” felt natural. We are taking the steps as a startup to become a Certified B Corporation.

Today KnoWEwell is a Public Benefit Corporation. We have completed the B Lab Assessment, obtained pending status and are working towards final certification. I am leading, and WE are a growing tribe building the KnoWEwell organization with the wholistic minded ecosystem to be a role model for organizations today and future generations. WE are a startup with grand plans! Rooted in and united in love for global consciousness, healing and hope for the thriving regenerative future of humanity, all living species and our planet. Together WE seek to BE THE CHANGE that inspires and empowers a WELLthier Living World – Happy. Healthy. Abundant. Purposed -filled. 


What is B Lab Certified B Corporation?

B Lab is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using the power of business as a force for good. 

The B Lab certifies B Corporations, similar to the way TransFair certifies Fair Trade foods or USGBC certified s LEED buildings. The B stands for “benefit,” and refers to assessing corporations on what matters most: the ability of a business to not only generate returns, but also to create value for its customers, employees, community, and the environment. Credible, comprehensive, transparent, and independent standards of social and environmental performance are created and revised by the Standards Advisory Council (SAC), a group of independent experts in business and academia.  

Certified B Corporations meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Certified B Corporations are a global movement of business leaders that seek to redefine success in business, so that one day all companies compete not only to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world. 

To qualify as a B Corporation and receive certification from the B Lab, a company must:

  • have an explicit social or environmental mission, and a legally binding fiduciary responsibility to take into account the interests of workers, the community and the environment as well as its shareholders
  • adopt the B Lab’s commitment to sustainability and treating its workers well in its articles of incorporation
  • pay an annual fee based on revenues
  • complete a B Impact Report (a lengthy questionnaire that measures social and environmental impact, meet B Lab’s comprehensive social and environmental performance standards) and achieve a minimum score 
  • make their B Impact Report public

You can learn more about the B Lab and the global movement of people using business as a force for good at https://bcorporation.net/about-b-lab