Your DNA Is Your Ancestry - Not Your Destiny

We are bridging the knowledge GAP between ancient healing wisdom and today’s innovations and most current evidenced-based health and well-being science and technology.

Learn from, get to know and find your best-matched "wholistic" providers - Today's Providers and Members Who Know. 

Collaborating to prevent harm, reverse chronic diseases, raising consciousness, inspiring hope and empowering personal healing.

A single source of truth, and a safe space with respect and personal benefits for all.

KnoWEwell Awarded 'Top 50 Healthcare Companies'

KnoWEwell was honored to receive the “Top 50 Healthcare Companies” award by the International Forum on Advancement in Healthcare (IFAH) for our contribution to healthcare, industry impact and spirit of innovation.


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Individuals & Families


Learn from and find your best matched wholistic providers, inspire others, find hope, be empowered to heal and optimize your health and well-being in collaboration with today's wholistic providers & community.

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Practitioners & Providers


  Find individuals/patients interested in your expertise, share your unique healing arts and portfolio of insights. Equitable screening and matching to improve patient health outcomes and job satisfaction for providers.

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Organizations & Farmers


  Wholistic ecosystem knowledge sharing. Healing & retreat centers, integrative, functional, mental & behavioral health, wellness & spas, innovators, academia, organic farmers, nonprofits, volunteers, professional organizations & companies.

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Consciousness, Healing & Hope

Our Partners


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At KnoWEwell, we have a vision for a world where humanity and the planet are safe and thriving.  KnoWEwell is a community and market place platform for the 

“wholistic” health and well-being ecosystem. 

We created KnoWEwell as a Public Benefit Corporation and are working on our B Certification 

as one step toward achieving that vision.

Public benefit corporations are a new type of business form that balances purpose and profit. 

They are legally required to consider their stated corporate purpose or mission, not just profits, when making business decisions. Certified B Corporations are business leaders

using business as a force for good.

KnoWEwell is a passionate multicultural and multi-generational tribe with respect and gratitude for diversity and the personal journeys that have brought us together. 

You are unique and your journey toward well-being is unique – and we believe there is something to be learned from every individual’s experience. 

Connect in our global healing community, learn, heal, share, help inspire others and 

find hope by the success of our tribe and others on their healing life journeys. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and empower individuals with knowledge, resources and community to proactively prevent harm, address chronic diseases and create happy, healthy, abundant, purpose-filled living - WELLthier Living™ - for themselves, their family, humanity and the planet. We are a Public Benefit Corporation seeking all stakeholders who believe in and align with our mission and want to HELP BE THE CHANGE! 

Our Mantra

Together WE Inspire and Empower WELLthier Living™ World.
Happy. Healthy. Abundant. Purpose-filled. 

KnoWEwell, P.B.C.

P.O. Box 154, Far Hills, NJ 0793

1-855-KWE-WELL (593-9355)