Change Makers, Fund Raisers & Kickstarters

Included in the launch of the KnoWEwell platform will be an entire section dedicated to celebrating and supporting change makers - seed, growing and established - mission-aligned nonprofits and innovative people and businesses that are dedicated to preventing harm, addressing chronic illness and 

 inspiring and empowering a

WELLthier Living™ World – Happy. Healthy. Abundant. Purposed-filled. 

An Early Preview

KnoWEwell, P.B.C.

Kimberly B. Whittle, CEO 


I am a mom of five boys, 

wife, sister, 

CPA and founder of 


After suffering decades of family health tragedies, she  healed her family after extensive self-education and exploring various natural, integrative health and functional medicine approaches. KnoWEwell is her way of paying it forward to make it easier for others on their healing journey, as well as to pay back the nonprofit organizations and caring providers that educate and heal individuals and our world.


Sheri Kurdakul



Spawned from anti-bulling app her 10 year old daughter built for a school project, a mom with 29 years of #MeToo experiences formed EBinRA. A direct to consumer personal application, EBinRA gives a legal voice to victims of discrimination, harassment, and abuse that meets the standards for admissible evidence in a court of law.


  Himanshu Bhatia, MD

Developed by medical doctors, Ricovr is cutting edge artificial intelligence.  Ricovr is helping patients with chronic pain find the right non-pharmacological method to help them better cope, stay in engaged and managed their condition. 

Navigating Autism

Jane Lynn Britton

A mom with an autistic son, now TV producer and host of Navigate Autism with 

Jane Lynn.

Learning, resources and support to parents and communities through a modern and entertaining experience and her 5-Step Process for Navigating Autism to overcome their daily struggles and create a harmonious, healthy life.


Michael Ewing

  In development with Stamford University and Carol Dwecks Growth Mindset, Welnis is a system and methodology necessary to help individuals adopt permanent lifestyle changes that result in effective weight management, reduced stress and risk of disease, and overall improved health and well-being.


Jane Shatz

A mom with a child with Asperger, developed visual, performing and technical arts programs to help her child cope and learn. Now her learning and healing arts programs are an educational resource in public schools and to the entire community.