We believe each individual has a responsibility to our planet and can make a difference, in not just sustaining, but creating the regenerative future we seek. We designed KnoWEwell to minimize our organizational environmental foot print and raise the consciousness of our community and our tribe.


Our Community and Planet

We promote community awareness through our KnoWEwell platform. We give back by donating to 1% For The Planet, 1% to mission-aligned non-profit organizations, including the Environmental Working Group, and educating our members as to how a healthier environment leads to healthier lives. 

Our Business Model and Practices

We are mindful of our carbon footprint. We substantially collaborate with our members, partners, sponsors and suppliers, virtually, and our communities meet and interact online.

Our hiring practices and telecommuting program minimizes the need for offices and long commutes further reducing our carbon footprint. 


Our People and Planet

We encourage new members of our tribe to think and act differently about the environment from the first day of their employment.  For example, we provide them with a special water bottle and filter that reduces contaminates by 99% and other products that eliminate the need for disposable paper towels, plastic wrap and plastic bags. These simple lifestyle changes save them money and make a big impact on the health of our people and our planet.