Our Culture

KnoWEwell is a woman-owned business.  

We embrace diversity as one of the keys to well-being. We believe the more diverse our environment, the more open, creative and evolved are the people and products that come from it.

Our commitment to fostering, cultivating and preserving a “mindful” culture of diversity and inclusion is one of our core values.  As such, it is embodied throughout our organization, from the fundamentals of our business model and platform design to our unique giving programs, the employees we hire, and our programs that 

help under-served populations. 

Our Community - A "Wholistic" Ecosystem

We are a platform for education and collaboration among a "wholistic" like-minded ecosystem for the achievement of personal healing and optimal health and well-being. Unbound from conventional thinking, systems and approaches, KnoWEwell is designed as a collaborative, safe space for sharing, learning and connecting around a diversity of global healing therapies, practices and approaches. Individuals have the opportunity to learn their way and interact with providers sharing their unique healing arts.  

Health is personal. We are all unique. Our needs, values and preferences are unique too. There are many effective ways to heal and many healers.  In our journey of life, we are all at different stages in our education, desire for learning and openness to different healing therapies.  What is the right fit for me, may not be the right fit for you. We help you find the find the information you seek, understand it and make better matched connections with providers to meet you where you are in your journey. And, we know that your needs will change throughout that journey so our centralized "safe" space provides ongoing peace of mind and a collaborative healing community to educate, inspire and empower you to make optimal and informed health and well-being choices that are best for you and your family at each moment. 


Our Giving – Everyone Deserves an Equal Opportunity

Health is influenced in part by social and environmental determinants of health and those with higher levels of socioeconomic deprivation are associated with increased risks of adverse health and health care outcomes. At KnoWEwell, we believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity to make the choices that lead to optimal health and well-being. For every KnoWEwell consumer membership purchased, we will donate one basic consumer membership to a consumer in need through our nonprofit partners who serve individuals and families with higher levels of socioeconomic deprivation. 

Our Employees – Our Tribe


Our people are a passionate multicultural and multi-generational tribe with respect and gratitude for diversity and the personal journeys that have brought us together.  We believe the whole tribe benefits from embracing each individual’s experiences.  

KnoWEwell is committed to employing the best qualified candidates while following recruitment and selection practices that comply with applicable employment laws. It is also the policy of KnoWEwell to provide equal employment opportunity to applicants and employees.


“Recruiting Without Boundaries” 

We recruit and consider candidates from many sources.  We also have the ability to impact and hire from  under-served populations. For example, we are seeking partnerships with local mission-aligned parent groups to provide telecommuting jobs to qualified stay-at-home parents who have children with disabilities and/or have chosen to stay at home to be more actively involved in raising their children. These parents are able to have a rewarding employment opportunity while enjoying more effective work/life balance.