WELLthier Living™ Community

A "wholistic", like-minded ecosystem with respect, personal space and benefits for all.

KnoWEwell's business model has been purposefully designed to address individual, local and national issues, in a phased implementation approach, to make a materially positive impact on a "wholistic", like-minded ecosystem of health professionals, wellness practitioners, professional organizations, researchers, academia, organic and non-GMO farmers, product and service companies, nonprofits, and you, the consumer.



We are drawing knowledge, research and innovation from the global "wholistic" healing community.  We are raising the level of consciousness regarding the connections between personal lifestyle choices, environmental exposures, and health and well-being for ourselves, our family, humanity and the planet.  

We strongly believe that one person’s actions can make a difference and together WE can be the change we seek in the world.


   We are committed to serving local communities by making it easier to search and find better matched connections within the "wholistic" ecosystem (e.g., people, providers, organizations, organic farmers and events) and providing jobs to under-served populations in our local community. 

Buy and eat locally grown foods, it is good for your health and the environment too.  


Providing peace of mind through your unique life's journey. We understand that having a strong sense of community is paramount to a long, happy and healthy life.  We creating one trusted online destination - a private, secure “safe space” - with the knowledge, resources and community to inspire and empower individuals to achieve personal healing and optimal health and well-being.

"Wholistic" Healing Providers

 For the consumer:

  • A place to connect and benefit from the unique healing gifts of today's health and well-being providers
  • Prevention and healing 

For providers:

  • Healing better educated and inspired consumers/patients 
  • An equitable screening and matching process (needs, values, preferences) 


  • The potential to improve health outcomes and job satisfaction for providers


We partner with mission-aligned nonprofit organizations. Through our giving programs, we provide financial donations, in-kind services to promote awareness of their programs, connections to their website to donate, and free KnoWEwell memberships to the under-served people they support.

Professional Organizations

We recognize the thought leaders and educators behind today's "wholistic" providers. We partner with and, through our giving programs, provide financial donations and in-kind services to help advance the  missions of these organizations.  This support creates awareness of the important role these organizations play and highlights the benefits that their members members bring to the "wholistic" ecosystem.


Organic, non-GMO, Farmers in Transition.

"Let Food Be Thy Medicine."

Connecting local farmers and communities. 

Better for the people and our planet.

Academia & Researchers

We help create awareness and recognize the respective colleges and universities with accredited programs in "wholistic" health, medicine and wellness. We provide internships for students and a job board for future job opportunities from participants in the ecosystem.  


We provide opportunities for mission-aligned product and services companies to transparently share their evidence-based research content (articles, whitepapers, videos, webinars) to help educate consumers.  We believe that better educated consumers will enhance the interactions with their providers and help make 

more informed purchase decisions. 

Special Early Adopter Opportunities

If you would like to learn more about our consumer and provider memberships, programs, sponsor and partnership benefits and receive our early adopter special promotion, you can email us directly at community@knowewell.com, call us or drop us a note below. We look forward to connecting with you!

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