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Our Tribe

Our people are passionate, multicultural and multigenerational with respect and gratitude for diversity and the personal journeys that have brought us together. We are a like-minded “wholistic – mind, body, spirit, planet – tribe that embodies our values and mission.

Our Space and Culture

Headquartered in Far Hills, New Jersey, we are nestled in a small farm town and surrounded by natural beauty.

As an organization, our tribe is comprised of employees and volunteers, most of whom work remotely. We are grateful for their dedication to working hard to help our organization grow and make a materially positive impact in local communities, on society and our planet. 

We are deeply committed to accelerating the mission of the organization, and see every person and position holding equal importance to the team. We all work hard to achieve our objectives, but believe in celebrating success and loving what we do every day.  

We provide an environment consistent with our core values and thus are also mindful of the need for each individual personal purpose and balance. Through our giving programs, we encourage our people to serve in local communities and provide paid time off for volunteering and ample personal time to rest and reinvigorate.

We encourage you to review our “Responsibility and Impact” pages to learn more about our culture and our impact.

Our Recruiting "Without Borders"

KnoWEwell is an equal employment opportunity employer committed to employing the best qualified candidates while following recruitment and selection practices that comply with all applicable employment laws. 

We also have a unique program to make a positive impact and hire from an underserved population who can work in our unique customer service model. We partner with local parent groups and provide telecommuting jobs to qualified stay at home parents who have children with disabilities and/or have chosen to stay at home to be more actively involved in raising their children. These parents are able to have a rewarding employment opportunity while enjoying work/life balance by working from home. 

Our Openings

We are accepting applications for upcoming job openings below. We are a small and growing tribe. Please visit us again to check for new openings.

Customer Services Specialist

Our customer services specialist(s) represent a linchpin for the smooth functioning and creating an overall positive customer experience.  View Full Job Description

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Social Media Manager

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Social Media Manager plays a key role by transforming raw data into actionable business insights and prompt action as well as ensuring the brand voice is carried out across all of our social media channels. View Full Job Description


The Writer/Editor is a key contributor to the growth and success of KnoWEwell, and specifically to implementing the overall communications strategy, establishing brand recognition, consumer trust, and effectively telling the KnoWEwell story. View Full Job Description

Data Analyst Summer Intern

The  Data Analyst Summer Intern plays a critical role in building and maintaining our flagship health and wellness provider database that enables members to find their best matched provider. This is perfect for a student interested in learning more about "wholistic" and complementary alternative therapies (CAMs). View Full Job Description

Digital Marketing Summer Intern

The Digital Marketing Summer Intern has the ability to deliver an engaging user experience across multiple platforms on web or mobile devices by designing and editing ads and ad copy, editing logos, and contributing to front and back end development for landing pages and our website. View Full Job Description

Social Media Summer Intern

Social media is a critical vehicle for bringing awareness to the organization’s mission, purpose and services.  The Social Media Summer Intern plays a key role in the implementation of marketing strategies to keep members connected and to create awareness of the company. View Full Job Description

IT Summer Intern

The IT Summer Intern will play a key role in the development of the KnoWEwell platform that will be launched to the public shortly and will assist  in planning IT Security processes, standards and methodologies to  ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of relevant data. View Full Job Description