KnoWEwell is a “wholistic”  community and marketplace platform for 

global consciousness, healing and hope.

One unified source of truth, making it easier to find and access 

today’s "wholistic" healing, health and well-being knowledge and resources.


A safe space for collaborative knowledge sharing and learning and 

better matched connections to today's "wholistic" providers and community members. 

One "wholistic" like-minded community with respect, personal space and benefits for all.


Empowering Knowledge & Resources

Access expert provider moderated communities and the Natural Medicines database, the most comprehensive and trusted information source for natural medicines, evidence-based safety and effectiveness.  With this database, you can check for drug interactions with conventional medicines, identify nutrient depletion caused by conventional medicines, as well as evaluate which natural medicines are safe for pregnant and breast feeding women, and much more.

Find Your Best Matched Provider

A like-minded "wholistic" community. Advanced search features help you find community members and your best-matched provider based on your unique needs, values and preferences. 

Sneak Peek Preview!

Take a real "behind the scenes" look of the upcoming 

membership features and benefits you can look forward to when you join the 

KnoWEwell WELLthier Living™ Community.

Membership Plans - Features & Benefits


Optimize your health and well-being.

Connect, collaborate and learn...

  • Safe, secure and private community.
  • Find best-matched "wholistic" providers based on your needs and preferences.
  • Access evidence-based "wholistic" healing, health and well-being knowledge.
  • Attend live educational webinars.
  • Search 1,400 natural medicines for safety and effectiveness.
  • Join moderated Topic Groups (public and private).
  • Earn referral points for use on services, products and membership upgrades.  


Engage in immersive learning.

Basic Plan features, PLUS...

  • Access and view past webinars.
  • Access and download knowledge from Media Library.
  • Ask questions & and make deeper connections in Topic Group Forums.
  • Publish call-outs when looking for advice and experience.
  • Share your knowledge in Live stream.


Access evidence-based resources.

Silver Plan features, PLUS.....

  • Personalized on-boarding and guided tour.
  • Access to Natural Medicines™ database of 170,000 commercially available natural products, 1,200 natural ingredients, and 200 complementary and alternative treatments.
  • Maintain you own Personal Content Library.
  • Discounts on purchases of educational programs.




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